Wood Floors Oxfordshire

We take great pride in our work! We follow strict guidelines to ensure we restore and enhance the look of your wood floor. This ensures they are left looking as though it has just been laid. Restoring wood floors requires in-depth skill and knowledge to ensure the floors look their best and are not damaged.

Through our rigorous cleaning steps and our eco-friendly cleaning products, you can be assured of a first class finish, every time.

Our Guide to pristine wooden floors

Preparation is key – We ensure any grit, soil and dirt is removed along with door strips and all nails are tapped down.

Our repairs survey – It is a crucial element to warrant that there are no loose boards and secure those that require attention.

Our sanding process – Using our top of the range dust free belt sander machine we proceed to even out the floor. This removes any indentations. We then continue the process until we are satisfied with the perfect wood floor finish.

Floor edges – The same care is given to the floors edges using an edger, resulting in a great finish. Thereafter an orbiter sander is also used to certify an oustanding finish.

Smooth finishes – Using a rotary machine combined with a multi hole pad achieves exactly this.

Primer application – Once the primer is applied and dry, the first finishing coat is applied and given 24 hrs to dry.

2 more coatings – After a rotary is used to achieve the best surface we apply 2 more coatings of finish.

Are you in the process of restoring wood floors? Below is the before and after images of wooden flooring we restored. Our professional services offer a cost-effective service with value for money.

wood floor kitchen oxfordwood floor kitchen aylesbury







Solid wood flooring is increasing in popularity with its generous availability in sizes, species and importantly durability. This offers unbeatable practically and splendour.

Hard wood flooring is the ideal solution for homes with small children and pets. The high end quality of this particular wood not only exudes warmth, but durability and resistance against the daily demands. Hard wood flooring is used throughout domestic and commercial premises.

We offer all our customers of Oxford and its surrounds a dust free wood finishing method. By using first class market equipment and water based wood finishing products we restore wooden flooring to it’s glorious condition.

Our guarantee is to revive and restore any wooden floor regardless of size within your commercial and domestic premises.

Please contact us for any wood floor restoration enquiries.