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Why Restore Your Wood Floor?

This may seem like a question that is easy to answer, right? Choosing to restore your wooden floor will inevitably save you money on the cost of replacement. That should surely be enough to help your decision process.

There are other elements that can and should be considered. A restored wooden floor is full of character and fits seamlessly with the existing surroundings. An exceptional part of the process is that you have the ability to select a finish that is individual to your needs.

Wood Grain OxfordFloor sanding is a cost-effective alternative to replacement. As durable as a wood floor is it really is no match for daily use. Most wooden floors can be refinished; experience is vital to the end result.

All it would take is for a belt sander to be held still for too long for damage to be caused to a wood floor. This may create an uneven surface or even determine whether the surface could be refinished again in the future. The surface layer is removed; if too much is sanded then this will reduce the possibility of future resurfacing.

Floor Finishing Services

There are varying levels of service and this will be fully determined at the point of the survey. It may be that if the floor has light usage that a light sand and re-finish can be completed. This will be reflected in the pricing of the job and a maintenance coat can be applied many times.

It is important that you are well-informed throughout the process. We take great pride in this aspect and will always discuss the process of floor sanding with you. It is our job to offer reassurance of our professional approach. If you would like to discuss a wood restoration job please call today on 07517 602265 or 01865 803449. We will do all we can to ensure the smooth-running of your floor restoration project.

Floor Sanding Quick-fire Questions

When sanding wooden floors there are many things that can occur that will require the process to be tailored. This is where experience pays dividends as this can happen throughout the individual stages of the sanding process.

Wood Restoration OxfordIt is great to identify clients who are looking to understand more about floor sanding. It may be that they have questions about the process or how to maintain their newly restored floor afterwards. Either way, we will always take the time to answer any questions that our clients have.

This is part of our service that is offered as standard. Here are some of the questions that have been raised:

How long will the process take?

An average room with an example size of 4m x 4m will take around 2-3 days. There are factors that can alter this timing such as extensive wood repairs. However, we ensure to keep our clients well-informed throughout the process.

When are we able to use the room again?

There are a range of wood finish products that can be used. Some varnish products allow you to walk on the floor as little as eight hours after it has been applied. This would always be light footfall and with socks on. In order to allow the finish product to fully cure; we always advise that furniture should not be replaced for a couple of days after the restoration process.

Is a lot of dust created in the sanding process?

This was certainly the case with traditional methods of floor sanding. Dust free floor sanding machinery is now used in order to complete the sanding process. This means that virtually no dust is created as the particles are drawn away via a high-performance filtration system. We will always take precautions and cover necessary areas as this allows for minimal disruption and faster clean up.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a no obligation quotation please call today on 07517602265.

Does Your Wood Floor Make The Grade?

Many individuals are not aware that varying wood grades are available. This allows you to set a budget to which you need to achieve. It is understood that different grading systems are available, however, the following information works to offer an overview of these.

It is important to remember that wood is a natural product and therefore may mean that some of the below parameters are slightly challenged. This only goes to produce a wood floor that is truly unique and simply stunning.

Wood Floors OxfordThe following images are purely offered as a guide with regards to grading; they are used for illustrative purposes in order to provide an insight into the possible differences.

A top-level, premium-grade wood floor:

A prime grade wood board will have very few (small) knots, there will be minimal visible defects, the grain will be tight and there are virtually no imperfections. The result of a floor using a prime grade level will offer a uniform appearance.

Sanding wooden floors OxfordMid-level grade wood floors:

A mid-grade product will offer a variety of boards that are virtually prime boards, however are mixed with boards with more knots. These knots can be larger in their appearance and slight imperfections (in colour and grain) can be found.

This offers more character to the floor and will look slightly less uniformed.

Wood floor grades OxfordA lower-level grade wood floor:

The colour variation of this grade will be greater. Knots are larger in their appearance and less uniformed. Whilst it is accepted that this may not work for everyone; some would argue that a floor laid with this grade of wood will offer a truly unique statement with incredible character.

Are you looking to get your wooden floor restored? We offer our floor sanding services throughout Oxfordshire. Call 07517 602265 to arrange a survey at a time convenient for you.

Is The Perfect Wood Floor Achievable?

It is important to remember that people’s first impressions of our homes or businesses are vital. Appearance can offer instant reassurance or quite the opposite. Yes we talk about appearance not being the be all and end all but with regards to floors; it really is. But what about wood floors?

Wood Floor Tips OxfordPut yourself in the position of your visitor or your client; you enter the premises and are faced with a worn, ugly, scratched, discoloured and unloved wood floor. You are not going to come to the conclusion that this is a place that cares deeply about providing a positive appearance.

On the other hand; put yourself in the position where you enter a home or business with perfectly manicured wooden flooring. You are immediately assured that the owners invest the necessary and required care into their appearance and that this is likely to flow into other aspects of their life or business.

More About Wood Floors..

The word perfect offers a flexible interpretation; however, a wood floor that is clean and finished appropriately and is not dull, scratched or damaged offers a near perfect alternative.

It is vital that professional support is used as this allows us to apply our time-served experience to your particular job.

Wood Floor Advice OxfordWe will check for damaged areas. If areas are found it becomes obvious that full floor sanding is required in order to bring it back to its best. Wood repairs can be completed and a complete restorative process will begin with this step.

It may be an obvious statement but preparation is key. As with many other projects the surface must be cleaned and the surrounding areas protected prior to work starting. A wood cleanser or degreaser may be required.

The floor sanding process is tailored to the specific project as some will require additional sanding and others will offer challenges that need to be tackled at that point.

The wood floors then need to be finished and this will offer a superb-looking floor. This, in our opinion offers the perfect wood floor that will stand the test of time.

If you would like to find out more please call us today on 07517602265.

How Best to Restore Your Wood Floor

There are great variations in types of wood floors and there is undoubtedly one that will compliment your existing décor and bring another dimension to the space.

They are easy to maintain and keep clean. How are you best to achieve this? Daily sweeping will take way the dirt particles that build up in your home. These particles can damage your floor if caught on your shoes. As you can imagine, abrasive properties will dull the floor over time.

Professional Floor Sanding

Wood Floor Sanding OxfordOur professional floor sanding services offer a solution to this. Unfortunately deterioration of your wood floor is inevitable. Are you looking at your tired wooden floors and wondering what you can do about them?

Browse our website to find out information on how we work with wooden floor to sand, restore and transform them. It may be that you want a different wood finish or appearance or you may just want your wooden flooring to look as it did when it was first fitted.

A re-finished wood floor will offer a great and attractive look but it will also be protected against further damage. Some individuals are put off a wood floor restoration project because of the assumed hassle, mess and hard work involved. This is certainly not the case!

Traditional floor sanding did create lots of dust and disruption; when the dust free sanding system was introduced it revolutionised the provision.

Dust created during the floor sanding process used to linger in homes for a long time, even after the job had been completed. Now, the filtration system filters away the particles and offers a range of benefits for both customers and our skilled craftsmen alike. If your wood floors need attention please call today on 07517602265.

Wood Floor Repairs Oxfordshire

There are a range of wood floor repairs that can be completed and this service may be required if:

  • You have taken up an old floor to reveal wood boards underneath
  • A floor has experienced a lot of foot traffic over many years
  • A floor may have been damaged due to temperature fluctuations or damp conditions
  • Something may have been dropped on the wood floor, causing damage
  • Small areas may be burnt after coming into contact with hot objects

Floor Repairs

Floor repairs can offer great confidence as the service provides true value for money. Accidents do happen and damage can sometimes be caused. Our expert provision means that we can repair parts of your wooden flooring without an entire replacement.

Wood Floor Repairs OxfordOur techniques are tried and tested and have been tailored over the many years that we have been offering wood floor restoration. Our repairs aim to provide a seamless finish that is almost invisible to the eye.

If, for some reason, this is not possible we will advise you of alternative approaches or options that would offer you the best result. Our experience allows us to forecast the overall anticipated success and we will always be honest with you as to whether the finish will meet your expectations.

Attention to detail is vital and an understanding of the specific floor type and original method of installation will dictate the success of the repair. If time is not invested in this understanding it is likely that more damage can be caused which would mean a larger repair, a floor failure or entire replacement.

We offer a professional and expert provision throughout Oxfordshire. If your wooden floor has become damaged, call our helpful staff today on 07517 602265. We will be able to arrange a quotation at a time convenient for you. During the inspection of the floor we will offer valuable detail and will always do what we can to ensure the smooth running of the process.

Why Oxford Floor Care?

Oxford Floor Care:

Our floor sanding blog is a great way to showcase the work that we complete throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. It is also important that we use the opportunity to re-inforce the benefits of using our professional service: Why?

We are committed to delivering high-standard finishes:

When you consider using a floor sanding Company it is important that you are offered assurance at every opportunity that you are dealing with professionals. The products and machinery that we use are the best-available so that our standards of finish do not waiver.

Oxford Floor CareWe are committed to offering exceptional customer service:

This works seamlessly alongside our standards of finish. This, tied with a friendly and helpful approach means that we can offer our customers a level of service that surpasses our competition. We take great care when dealing with clients enquiries and will always treat our clients’ properties with respect.

We are passionate about restoring wood floors:

There is a wealth of information available about different types of wood and the techniques of wood repair and floor sanding. We are deeply passionate about these details and can suitably tailor our services to match the individual floor.

We are continuously looking at ways we can be the best at what we do:

This means continuous learning about new products, techniques and machinery. It is vital that we are well-informed about all aspects to make sure we are confidently offering the best service. We have wide-ranging experience and will always go the extra mile with a fastidious approach.

Wooden flooring is so popular and it manages to stand the test of time. The different types of wood suit all decors, introducing style and design elements that in our opinion clearly surpass other floor coverings. Contact us today to arrange a quotation on 07517 602265.

Floor Sanding Woodstock

Here at Oxford Floor Care; we are passionate about wood floors and what they bring to homes and businesses throughout Oxfordshire.

When we are asked to complete a survey to restore a wood floor, we are always equipped to expect the unexpected. Why? Each job is individual and requires an adaptive approach in order to achieve the best finish for that specific job.

What Needs To Be Considered

Floor Sanding WoodstockVariations include depth of scratches, whether the floor has been previously covered by another floor covering, areas where moisture may have affected the wood floor, discolouration and many more.

It may be that the entire floor has been affected by one or more of these problems or specific areas that have seen intense wear.

Either way it is important to approach the job with care and consideration. There have been many questions raised by our clients over the years so we have decided to write some down in the aim of helpful future and prospective clients:

Some Questions Include..

Q: I want to have the room fully decorated as well as having the floors sanded. Which should be completed first?

A: It is our recommendation that the decorating work is completed prior to wood floor restoration. All major works should be carried out prior to the sanding process and any small scuffs can be touched up once the work has been completed.

Q: Can my wood floors be repaired?

A: Yes there are many options available when considering repairing wooden floors. It may be that the individual boards have gaps in them, some boards may be in an advanced deteriorated state or it may be that some filling needs to be applied. It is important to take into account the nature of the repair and the type of wood and this is where our time-served experience pays dividends.

Q: How can I keep my floors looking great for longer?

A: There are so many every day abrasives that work to wear away at your wood floors. A few simple things can help to minimise this such as;

  • Taking off footwear at the door
  • Using a high quality mat at each external door way
  • Vacuum or sweep each day

If you would like to find out more about our services please call today on 07517602265.

Floor Sanding Machinery Oxfordshire

There is no getting away from the fact that to be able to offer a superior service you need to be equipped with the best machinery. Furthermore, it is no secret that this has been revolutionized over the last decades of floor sanding.

All electronic sanders require a detailed understanding of how best to use them. Without this knowledge it is likely that you will damage your wood floor or the result will be uneven and unsightly.

We have invested in trade machinery that works in many ways to offer a brilliant service.


  • The machinery allows us to monitor our work as we progress through the project
  • It stops virtually all of the airborne dust created in the traditional methods of sanding floors
  • A seamlessly smooth surface is produced so that the application of a wood finish is straightforward
  • It offers a much faster service

We understand that having a tradesperson in your home or business can be inconvenient. We all know the feeling that once the work has been completed that we are glad to have our homes back. This point is carefully considered when we complete our work.


  • We remain professional at all times so that noise is kept to a minimum
  • Our team are well-presented and friendly
  • We will schedule the work, where possible, around your convenience
  • The work will be completed quickly and efficiently

Wood Floor Sanding OxfordThis does not mean that we will cut corners. Whilst it is important to finish the work in as short a time period as possible; the focus is not on speed but quality.

Therefore, we have been delighted to receive feedback that shows the above points are regularly noted and this, combined with our driven work ethic means that demand for our services is expanding further afield.

Don’t live with unsightly wooden floors any longer; our service is cost-effective and we will discuss all options so that we achieve the perfect wood floor finish for you. Please call today on 07517602265.

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Wood Restoration Oxfordshire

It is a great testament to our hard work when we receive repeat custom or work through recommendation. We work conscientiously to complete each and every wood restoration project to the best of our ability. We are therefore so pleased with our high rates of this type of work.

Restoring Wooden Floors

This images shows a wood floor that we restored in Oxfordshire. We had previously restored another floor within their home. They were so pleased with the result that they invited us back to complete more work.

Wood Restoration OxfordOn review this means that:

  • Our clients felt as though our wood restoration work provided good value for money
  • They have felt as though they received a high-level of customer service
  • Our clients have been pleased with how their wooden flooring has been finished and how it has worn once completed

This is great feedback for us as we like to analyse the work that we get so that we can offer the best service available. We care deeply about the delivery of an exceptional service.

Our client was particularly pleased with the information and advice that we offered them prior to work commencing, during the work process and the follow up after we completed the project.

About Us:

We are intensely passionate about floor sanding and the individual intricacies that each job provides. This comes across in our approaches. We aim to offer detail that provides value and will help to guide our clients to making a decision that is right for them.

This may include wood finish variations or restoration techniques. If you would like to arrange a no obligation quotation please call today on 07517602265. We will work to guide you seamlessly through the process of wood floor restoration. The aim is to get your tired-looking wood floor to look as though it has returned to its originally-laid lustre.